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Out Here… Big Bend National Park

Situated halfway between El Paso and Laredo, Big Bend National Park covers over 801,000 acres of West Texas in the place where the Rio Grande makes a sharp turn – the Big Bend. It’s the eighth-largest national park in the Lower 48, and certainly the most remote.

BBNP is home to hundreds of bird species in a solitary mountain range surrounded by harsh, weather-beaten desert. Here you can find cactus blooming in the southwestern sun, and diversity of species is the best in the country. There are many different species of wildlife in the park: mountain lions, deer, black bears, rat snakes, and over 450 species of birds (some rare) are just a few.

Here at BBBCo, we think one of the best places to enjoy a cold beer is at the Chisos Mountain Lodge in BBNP.  They serve all of our beers on draft and the view from the restaurant’s patio never disappoints. If you can’t “get away from it all” in 1,252 square-mile Big Bend, then where can you?